Buying a home is tricky and one of the most unpopular elements of the purchase is often the relationship
with the estate agent. Estate agents are viewed with distrust and skepticism. To many people they are like
used car sales people or double glazing sales people. Professionecasa, real estate brand, would like to change that attitude.

The process of buying a home is tough, like a war. Purchasers need to act fast, be prepared and have someone on their side that can back them through. If you have sound strategic advice to guide you through the process,
you are more likely to have a good experience, a good deal and buy a home.

The strategy was to hit the target audience with different accurate tactics.
These included events (one where we installed a huge toy tank in the city centre), direct marketing campaigns
and a CALL-UP print press campaigns (wher we show the extreme training the real estate agents have to do).

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