Listerine is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash product.
The brand wants to help the people with bad breath and also people which surrounding them.

Bad breath is a thorny topic, so the way to treat this problem should be as softer as possible.
People are often not aware of that, and therefore, it is impossible to talk about that without being rude.
But there is a way to face this problem and it is Listerine mouthwash, which is a way to attack the root of what causes bad breath.

Dragons are the commuters with bad breath.
This routine is cause of burnout for the human commuters because they are everywhere.
Travelling with them, in crowded trains, is painful and detrimental.

One day one a woman fed up of living in this world decide to face the problem. So she offers a sip of a special beverage to a dragon. It is the product LISTERINE that we see while the woman is replacing the bottle in her purse. The dragon doesn't fell well after drinking the beverage. After a while the dragon became a normal human commuter.

The woman is a our hero, a Dragons Slayer.
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