A newly established university, IULM, specializing in communications
wanted to attract more students after their high school diploma.

It is a well-known fact that most young people like communications and have particular interest and skill
with the social media networks (they can wait to write a post or share a picture).
They are actively contributing and changing the way we communicate
and ensuring the platforms evolve in a way that suits them.

The concept used inspirational and iconic living and historical characters, (Obama, Zuckerberg, and Orson Wells)
in an integrated campaign that showcased how people change lives and make history utilising the communication.
The target audience was invited to access an app or visit a mini-website where they can test theirselves
and, above all, giving them a virtual sense of being a communicator/history maker.
Games, multiple choice test and much more show which kind of communicator you are going to became.

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